Troubleshooting guides and steps.

How do I see the logs for Agones?

If something is going wrong, and you want to see the logs for Agones, there are potentially two places you will want to check:

  1. The controller: assuming you installed Agones in the agones-system namespace, you will find that there is a single pod called agones-controller-<hash> (where hash is the unique code that Kubernetes generates) that exists there, that you can get the logs from. This is the main controller for Agones, and should be the first place to check when things go wrong.
    1. To get the logs from this controller run:
      kubectl logs --namespace=agones-system agones-controller-<hash>
  2. The SDK server sidecar: Agones runs a small gRPC + http server for the SDK in a container in the same network namespace as the game server container to connect to via the SDK.
    The logs from this SDK server are also useful for tracking down issues, especially if you are having trouble with a particular GameServer.
    1. To find the Pod for the GameServer look for the pod with a name that is prefixed with the name of the owning GameServer. For example if you have a GameServer named simple-udp, it’s pod could potentially be named simple-udp-dnbwj.
    2. To get the logs from that Pod, we need to specify that we want the logs from the agones-gameserver-sidecar container. To do that, run the following:
      kubectl logs simple-udp-dnbwj -c agones-gameserver-sidecar

Agones uses JSON structured logging, therefore errors will be visible through the "severity":"info" key and value.

I uninstalled Agones before deleted all my GameServers and now they won’t delete

Agones GameServers use Finalizers to manage garbage collection of the GameServers. This means that if the Agones controller doesn’t remove the finalizer for you (i.e. if it has been uninstalled), it can be tricky to remove them all.

Thankfully, if we create a patch to remove the finalizers from all GameServers, we can delete them with impunity.

A quick one liner to do this:

kubectl get gameserver -o name | xargs -n1 -P1 -I{} kubectl patch {} --type=merge -p '{"metadata": {"finalizers": []}}'

Once this is done, you can kubectl delete gs --all and clean everything up (if it’s not gone already).

I’m getting Forbidden errors when trying to install Agones

Some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Run kubectl describe clusterrolebinding | grep cluster-admin-binding- -A10 and make sure your email is in there. This may be case sensitive so you may need to compare it to the case you used.
  2. In the GKE tutorial gcloud config get-value accounts will return a lowercase email address, so if you are using a CamelCase email, you may want to type that in manually.
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