Install and configure Agones on Kubernetes

Instructions for creating a Kubernetes cluster and installing Agones.

Usage Requirements

Supported Container Architectures

The following container operating systems and architectures can be utilised with Agones:

OS Architecture Support
linux amd64 Stable
linux arm64 Alpha
windows amd64 Alpha

For all the platforms in Alpha, we would appreciate testing and bug reports on any issue found.

Agones and Kubernetes Supported Versions

Agones will support 3 releases of Kubernetes, targeting the newest version as being the latest available version in the GKE Rapid channel. However, we will ensure that at least one of the 3 versions chosen for each Agones release is supported by each of the major cloud providers (EKS and AKS). The vendored version of client-go will be aligned with the middle of the three supported Kubernetes versions. When a new version of Agones supports new versions of Kubernetes, it is explicitly called out in the release notes.

The following table lists recent Agones versions and their corresponding required Kubernetes versions:

Agones version Kubernetes version(s)
1.38 1.26, 1.27, 1.28
1.37 1.26, 1.27, 1.28
1.36 1.26, 1.27, 1.28
1.35 1.25, 1.26, 1.27
1.34 1.25, 1.26, 1.27
1.33 1.25, 1.26, 1.27
1.32 1.24, 1.25, 1.26
1.31 1.24, 1.25, 1.26
1.30 1.23, 1.24, 1.25
1.29 1.24
1.28 1.23
1.27 1.23
1.26 1.23
1.25 1.22
1.24 1.22
1.23 1.22
1.22 1.21
1.21 1.21

Best Practices

For detailed guides on best practices running Agones in production, see Best Practices.

Create Kubernetes Cluster

Instructions for creating a Kubernetes cluster to install Agones on.

Install Agones

Install Agones in your existing Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy Kubernetes cluster and install Agones using Terraform

Install a Kubernetes cluster and Agones declaratively using Terraform.

Confirming Agones Installation

Verify Agones is installed and has started successfully.

Upgrading Agones and Kubernetes

Strategies and techniques for managing Agones and Kubernetes upgrades in a safe manner.

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