1.9.0 - Release Candidate

This is the 1.9.0-rc release of Agones.

Note: In this release we are upgrading the supported Kubernetes version to 1.16, so please make sure to upgrade your clusters.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Breaking changes:

Implemented enhancements:

  • [Doc] add a caveat on setting expiration for cert-manager certificate resources #1781
  • Helm chart: allow to specify loadBalancerIP #1709
  • Terraform, Helm module install: Allow gameserver namespaces and port ranges to be specified in terraform #1692
  • Support using the same port for both TCP/UDP forwarding #1523
  • Write Tests for Terraform configs #1227
  • Add player tracking and shutdown to the supertuxkart example server #1825 (sudermanjr)
  • Add logging for the client certificate verification #1812 (pooneh-m)
  • Troubleshooting - namespace stuck terminating #1795 (domgreen)
  • Add load balancer configuration for Helm options #1793 (yoshd)
  • Added option to hardcode load balancer IP for allocator. #1766 (devloop0)
  • Add TCPUDP protocol #1764 (Bmandk)
  • Publish to NuGet for Csharp SDK #1753 (markmandel)
  • Add Terraform example for GKE custom VPC deployment #1697 (moesy)
  • Fix Fleets RollingUpdate #1626 (aLekSer)

Documentation: https://development.agones.dev/site/

See CHANGELOG for more details on changes.

Images available with this release:

Helm chart available with this release:

Make sure to add our stable helm repository using helm repo add agones https://agones.dev/chart/stable

Last modified July 17, 2024: Introduce external resource(s) on multiplayer game programming to docs (#3884) (03a0a4c)