1.27.0 - Go 1.19 and Cluster Autoscaler Improvements

This is the 1.27.0 release of Agones.

In this release Agones upgrades to Go 1.19 (from 1.17!), so we can take advantage of all the improvements therein.

This release has lots of important changes including:

  • Enable image streaming everywhere by default on GKE
  • Provide more flexibility on utilising the cluster autoscaler with graceful termination.
  • Reduced logging verbosity by wrapping an error into function.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Implemented enhancements:

  • Allow cluster autoscaler to scale down game server pods #2747
  • [GKE] - Should we enable image streaming everywhere? #2746
  • Support Agones on ARM systems #2216
  • Update example containers to fix security vulnerabilities #1154

See CHANGELOG for more details on changes.

Images available with this release:

Helm chart available with this release:

Make sure to add our stable helm repository using helm repo add agones https://agones.dev/chart/stable